CAD SERVICES is a specialised area, so it makes sense to work with specialists who understand how you work and what you need - and can deliver high quality bespoke services to suit your requirements.

Since 1992, CAD SERVICES has been doing just that, working with Building Services Consultants and Contractors in a way that suits them, from a single project basis through support of fluctuating in-house workloads to handling the entire drawing office function.

Experience counts

The management team of CAD SERVICES have been involved with the application of Computer Aided Draughting and Design in the Construction and Manufacturing industries for nearly twenty years, further complemented by a working experience of Building Services disciplines as CAD Consultant, Manufacturer and Contractor of over twenty years.

The services provided have evolved into two distinct areas providing Coordination drafting services to Building Services Contractors and Scheme drafting services to Architects, Consultants and Electrical Contractors.

All of our quality assured services can be accessed in a way that suits you best, including:

  • 'Overflow' service to help with peaks and troughs in your workflow
  • Full outsourced service
  • Occasional input on individual projects
  • 'Emergency' quick response support on fast track projects
  • Supplementary services such as 3D modelling and visualisation

Our highly experienced CAD operators will work to our own exacting standards or to the standards you specify, offering seamless integration with your own company's style and branding.