Conject Hosted Drawing Services

Document management systems have become an essential collaboration tool where large construction projects and developments are proposed. Often reserved for major blue chip companies and developers, these on-line collaboration systems allow easy access to all professional services and contractors involved in the projects. Through close collaboration with Conject Technologies, CAD SERVICES clients benefit from the use of our own bespoke Conject on-line internet information channel. Using our bespoke information channel helps us deliver our products to the client to ensure they have flexibility where access to their drawings and documents are essential.

  • Access to current and archived projects, drawings and documents
  • Drawings can be red line commented and distributed
  • Complete revision history and availability


Our clients are using these hosted drawing services to improve the workflow between team members and the integration between their design, engineering and delivery teams. This system is completely internet based so is able to provide additional and flexible features such as:

  • Project documents are available to any member of the team you provide a login to
  • Secure on-line storage, back-up and retrieval
  • Accessible from almost anywhere you can get access to the internet.