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Derek Matthews, Administration Manager

  • George E Buxton Ltd.

    2 Twyford Business Centre

    London Road Bishops

    Stortford Hertfordshire

    CM23 3YT


    Tel: 01279 659911

    Fax: 01279 659922

    E-mail: Click Here

  • Comments

    "Having been a client of CAD SERVICES since 1996 we have used them extensively to produce and amend our electrical services design and installation drawings. This has enabled us to present our design to our client with maintained quality and standards, without the time and overheads associated with maintaining a CAD department."

Steve Revell, Managing Director

  • Steve Revell

    Riverside House,

    The Maltings,



    CM21 9JX


    Tel: +44(0)1279 603700

    Fax: +44(0)1279 603701



  • Comments

    "Adopting CAD SERVICES CAD-Link has released our resources enabling us to concentrate them on delivering our core activity and add value to our services and customers. Where previously we had five drafters and a £130k IT investment we now have five engineers satisfying clients. Accessing a drawing is as simple as loading a Word document. The future possibilities are endless, it is very exciting."

Chris Rowe, Director

  • Chris Rowe

    The Old School,

    London Road,

    Westerham, Kent,

    TN16 1DN


    Tel: 01959 564777

    Fax: 01959 562802

    Email: Click Here


  • Comments

    "The initial mind set of having CAD facilities outsourced and not at engineers beck and call took a time to get used to, but is proving to be well worth while. Gone are the days of having to worry about the peaks and troughs associated with a CAD department along with the inherent management headaches. CAD SERVICES have provided consistent quality, on time and within budget, which we feel, has also enhanced Slender Winter Partnership's image."

David Craik, Operations Director

  • Comments

    "As a specialist Building Services provider, JCA Engineering decided from an early age to outsource its co-ordination / technical and illustrative CAD requirements to a specialist company. We chose CAD SERVICES as they had proved themselves through the relationship with many of the people we were already working with.

    "Since then, they have consistently provided a high quality service. By way of recognizing the advances in information technology, they have continuously strived to implement improvements to their services and procedures. These advances have always proven to enhance the services and products that JCA Engineering provides to their clients."